The Myth of the Delivery Rates of Newsletter Providers


What should you use as a metric to ensure the highest deliverability rates?

Many people believe that picking the “right service” for their email newsletters will directly impact the delivery of their newsletters. choosing one over another could cause their newsletters to be blocked by spam filters, or vice versa.

Fortunately, this isn’t the situation.

The major email service providers (ESP’s) like Mailchimp or Aweber must adhere to strict anti-spam guidelines to guarantee the highest delivery rates. They also work with the Mail Service Providers to make sure that their services aren’t in the list

This can include tools like offering customers with a an analysis of their spam score, suggestions for avoiding spam, as well as alerting (or even removing their accounts) customers in the event that their messages earn more than acceptable spam filters.

The difference in the delivery rates of major ESP’s is minimal.

Sending an email blast that contains identical content, but one via a service like Infusionsoft and the other through 1Shoppingcart. won’t alter the number of people who view your email.

However the only thing we’ve observed is that 1ShoppingCart may be slow in sending emails than its rivals. This could be detrimental to your marketing efforts in the event that people do not receive their confirmation emails immediately.

What is the most important factor that affects email delivery?

The most important thing to do in order to keep your email messages going to the inboxes of your recipients, instead of their junk folder be sure to avoid typical mistakes that trigger spam and cause your emails to be marked as spam.

Things to consider using:

Subject lines that contain “Free offer” or “Once once in a lifetime chance!” within them.

Excessive exclamation, dollar symbols on the topic line or

Utilizing HTML with poor code

How do you select the ideal ESP for your needs?

This is dependent on what you’re searching for It usually boils down to price and user-friendliness. We’ve listed five of our most popular choices and their advantages:


Mailchimp is an easy to use, and most important, a free services for email for accounts that have up to 2,000 subscribers with monthly subscriptions that are depending on the size of the list for more extensive accounts. The simple user interface makes creating autoresponders and newsletters easy and Mailchimp provides a comprehensive features set that includes advanced analytics, third-party application support, and mobile apps. We typically recommend Mailchimp to business owners who are new who are just beginning to build their lists. Since the cost is free (unless they wish to establish an auto-responder series) There’s no reason to not use Mailchimp.


A subscription-based monthly product, Aweber offers premium features including hundreds of custom-designed templates, more than the 6,000 free stock photos to utilize, unlimited autoresponders and segmenting of subscribers. The monthly price is $19 for lists that have 500 or more subscribers, and they offer the opportunity to try a trial period of 30 days for free.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers unlimited broadcasts and lists in addition to numerous integrations with applications including Facebook and Salesforce images and storage for files, as well as real-time stats tracking for an annual fee. Constant Contact is priced at $15/month for up to 500 subscribers. Additionally, they are currently offering the opportunity to try a free trial for 60 days.


Combining a shopping cart with a the payment processor for selling goods and services online and a fully-featured email service is an ideal method to run your online company. With the ability to support for up to 10,000 items as well as digital product delivery as well as unlimited autoresponders and questionnaires, affiliate programs and much more, 1ShoppingCart is designed as an all-in-one platform for online companies.


InfusionSoft is an alternative to 1ShoppingCart. I often describe it as an Cadillac which offers a wide range of email marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and eCommerce tools under one umbrella. If you are planning to grow your email list to the thousands, and you also have items or products for auction on your site, InfusionSoft is worth exploring. Its monthly fees are more expensive while the learning curve very steep, but worth the money for serious marketers.

If you decide to choose one of the leading newsletter service providers for your newsletters You shouldn’t face any issues with their deliverability however, it’s important to make sure you create newsletters that aren’t caught in spam filters.