AirTag, a Small but Mighty Solution for Forgetful People


Losing items is not a small matter for forgetful people. Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could really track down our lost items as if we’re calling them? You would no longer need to worry about your lost items anymore with the AirTag, a device designed for forgetful people to eliminate any worries of losing items. Attach it to your items, and you’ll be able to find it no matter what. In particular, these items people often leave behind:

7 Ideas for Using the AirTag

  1. Attach the AirTag to your house keys, car keys, or gate remote

House keys, car keys or the gate remote are all items that are usually forgotten when not used. But by the time you want to use them, it’s always so hard to find, especially when you are about to leave the house. However, attaching the AirTag to these items like a keychain will immediately end all of these problems.

  1. Attach the AirTag to your wallet

Although you’re always carrying your wallet with you, there’s always a risk of forgetting it somewhere, or even worse, your wallet getting stolen. As a result, attaching the AirTag will at least give us a piece of mind that even if we happen to lose our wallet somewhere, it can definitely be found.

  1. Attach the AirTag to your car

Although cars have a GPS system that can be used to track location, many GPS devices have limitations in terms of connectivity, as well as a lack of sound alarm. In particular, if you were to forget where you parked your car, the AirTag will more easily guide you to your car.

  1. Attach the AirTag to your luggage or carry-on

Attaching the AirTag to a luggage or carry-on bag is a good idea especially if you are traveling somewhere you are not familiar with, particularly when commuting between different cities. So, although the city may seem unfamiliar, at least you know exactly where your bags are located.

  1. Attach the AirTag to your camera or drone

Both cameras and drones are expensive items that are also attractive to pickpockets. Attaching the AirTag on your camera is a good way to protect them from getting stolen, while attaching them to your drone can help you locate them more easily.

  1. Attach the AirTag to your pet

Attaching the AirTag to your pet’s collar is a simple way to prevent losing them if they stray away from home. Even if they were to stray away within close proximity, the AirTag will help determine their last location before they stray away any further.

  1. Use the AirTag with children or the elderly

For parents or guardians with naughty children, or for those with older family members that are becoming more forgetful, attach the AirTag to their clothes or bag to track their location. However, if you’re willing to pay more, the Apple Watch enables you to both track and also contact them.

Forget about being forgetful with the AirTag where any device will instantly appear on the tracking radar in the Find My app, plus a navigation system to find your items across hundreds of millions of iOS devices worldwide, a notification system and being water resistant. If you’d like to stop being forgetful, start by clicking here with the AirTag.