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Many beginners wonder about the relative importance of particular search engines. Most people know that Google has the largest market share, but how important it is to optimize for Bing, Yahoo, and others? The truth is that despite the existence of more than 30 major web search engines, the SEO community really only pays attention to Google. The short answer is that Google is where the vast majority of people search the web. If we include Google Images, Google Maps, and YouTube , more than 90% of web searches happen on Google — that’s nearly 20 times Bing and Yahoo combined. As we mentioned in Chapter 1, search engines are answer machines. They exist to discover, understand, and organize the internet’s content in order to offer the most relevant results to the questions searchers are asking.

Create a playlist about your video’s general topic.

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How to ‘un-ruin’ the internet: The ultimate guide for SEOs

Part of the optimization process is to ensure SEO definition on all parts of your web pages. The on-page SEO factors are those elements that happen on your website. Freshness basically refers to how often your organization posts new content to your site.

Her blog post, “How to Find a Literary Agent,” ranks #1 for the highly competitive head term “literary agent,” above top publishers such as Reedsy and even Wikipedia. The Google search algorithm has gotten more complicated than ever. It’s important to take into account a wide variety of factors like website age, authority, user experience, and even website structure.

Google also uses information from other sources on the web, such as links and articles. Very early on, search engines needed help figuring out which URLs were more trustworthy than others to help them determine how to rank search results. Calculating the number of links pointing to any given site helped them do this. Once you’ve ensured your site has been crawled, the next order of business is to make sure it can be indexed. That’s right — just because your site can be discovered and crawled by a search engine doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be stored in their index. In the previous section on crawling, we discussed how search engines discover your web pages. After a crawler finds a page, the search engine renders it just like a browser would.

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that the former uses organic strategies to appear in SERPs, while the latter uses paid tactics. Although they often work hand-in-hand, it’s important not to use the terms interchangeably, as they don’t mean the same thing. Blog posts and page copy that is high-quality and includes business-relevant keywords. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing can be confusing concepts to grasp. The terms are often used interchangeably, making it difficult to understand the differences between the two. I have employed many SEO tips you shared above with nice success over the past 6 months. SEO is quite detail-heavy yet nothing with it is painfully difficult.